Doc Martian's Lounge: Vote Ernie? or Vote Bert.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Vote Ernie? or Vote Bert.

Now... Ernie may be stupid, but Bert's stupid too, and Ernie's a better judge of human character. What do you spose happens if you call Bert smart, or cool, or funny, he's your friend for life... no matter how evil you are. Ernie's smarter then that... he's like Why are you kissing my ass, Mr. Evil Guy.

I'd trust Ernie a lot more in charge of the country, he might come up with some loo-loo concepts... but I can't see him making everyone do those loo-loo concepts at gunpoint... with Bert I can.

Both Bert and Ernie have handlers... who do you think sees through them and calls them Mr. ChowderHead. Ernie. No doubt. Huh.

So.... when the election comes around.... who you going to vote for? Ernie? or Bert.I'm votin' Ernie, he may be dumb, and can be Sneaky as fuck, but it's a good kind of sneaky. Bert's just dumb, and sometimes... he's mean and dumb.



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