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Saturday, March 11, 2006

yes, post-emo has arrived.

The States - Multiply not Divide

I can't say this is my favorite album in the world. That's OK. It's heartfelt, skilled, and has a trio of guys that are out there trying to move mountains. Touchstones: The Edge, Nick Lowe, coldplay, the lovetones... all wrapped up in a package that's like All-American Rejects only not as derivative. skilled scatter drumming, stinging guitar, plaintive warm vocals, lyrics that evoke the younger days of rock n'roll... back when it was still striving to the ragged hacking death that it made for itself in the wild asssmackin' parody of sum-41... back before it was reborn as an eternal spirit of elvis and rem and iggy stooge and ugly kid joe all fighting among each other like brothers over the last eggo.

is this band going anywhere? i'd like to hope so... they might have to stick together through some doldrums... they might have to fart around in dens of iniquity like the lazy cowgirls for 20 years.... but i have hope in them and the reborn spirit of rock n' roll... they'll survive... and they might even prosper... my suggestion? a reality show where they all get plastic surgery so the girlies all get swoony and goofy over them.... before they're too old so they don't suffer that goo-goo dolls dinosaur impediment.

would i buy this album? cuz that's what it comes down to. no. i wouldn't... but i'd recommend it wholeheartedly to someone who likes the postpostpostmodernproggopunkathing that's been building up the last 4-5 years. i personally find it a great soundtrack to playin' tony hawk... sharp grinding guitar... lyrics that mean more than rem but less than the smiths... almost as groovy as James Blunt... without the 70s hooks. go skateboarding to them... you know you want to. blink 182 sucks. these guys might suck someday... but i think they'll pull themselves out of whatever hole they fall into. remember 2000 light years from home? remember the stones playing weenie psyche-beatleic music? these guys will fall into a trap too. most of us do. even my heroes. buy this fer yer g/f.


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