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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swedish guy went to film skool and all I got was a wind-swept tundra.

Thriller: A Cruel Picture {Limited Edition} aka 'They Call Her One Eye'
Synapse Films

OK, I like this one a LOT. It stands head and shoulders among most of the rape and revenge movies. Its a little self conscious, aware of its place in the genre and trying to buck the system of sleazy films a bit with something high concept. Every once in awhile the theremin/synth weeooos get a lil' comedic, the psychotron action gets a lil' overused, but its a solid film with mad chops behind it. I mean Bo Arne Vibenus must have watched like every Ingmar Bergman flick and Call Me Curious Blue and Yellow like a dozen times on psychedelics. But what it lacks due to slight heavy-handedness, it makes up for with guns, gore and slow-mo blood splattering, kung-fu fightin' pwnership. Lots of noodity too, it isn't erotic though, i mean yeh, nekkid chick and hardcore imagery, which probably was shocking back in the days before porn was a household word, but the eroticism is overshadowed by the characterization of a victimized gal in the thrall of an evil piece of shit. Neat point-of-view video to see her victimizers through the eyes (eye) of Frigga. Rewarding escalation of her plight rather than just casting her amidst the bad guys and whomping her til' she loses her shit like in the Tarantino movie that found inspiration in Thriller - A Cruel Picture. You'd be hard pressed not to like this film or at least admire it. I mean I suppose if you have ethical standards that preclude grindhouse themes as entertainment, or if you've never seen anything but comic book movies. Mainly though, its a grueling 107 minutes of rape and revenge flick with one of the best twist |snicker| endings ever. I won't go into details... but... the bad guy... {does his best swedish chef impersonation} "He vuz hang-ed by teh horses".

Great extras, mad trailers in multiple languages and states of edit, nude photo session with Christina Lindberg, in her role as Frigga. English and Swedish audio and English subtitles, alternate footage, photo storyboard. Nifty Title Menu too. Pick this one up, its essential for any low-budget film collection.


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You know what's a good movie? The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave. You would really like it.

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