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Monday, June 29, 2015

Ɲ¡ṃßϊᶇ√ᾃṕ -- an organic vaporizer.

(a vaporizer was provided for review. I was so impressed with it that I'm now doing some promotional concepts and business strategies for their company... so while it might appear that this isn't a legit review.... it is... i just was so impressed with them that I got on board.) Woooo Wooooo! Great Vape!

there i was, drunk off my butt, staring into space, hammered like bejesus... and i saw it.... in the future... a chuck jones cartoon that hadn't been animated yet. What does that have to do with nimbinvap... well.... i think it's a wave of the future. stupid batteries. stupid shitcoil. stupid $110 vape shit thing that just fell on the floor.


Don't yah hate when that happens.... don't you wish you had a pipe that you can get stupid clean after that. Me too, that's why I was staying with smoke. Then I saw this. or their ad on vapornation.... dunno which. Man was I impressed. Talked to 'em about sending me a review copy... got into talking about their distribution... and have come up with a few ideas and referred a few people. So, I've been living with the nimbinvap for about a month... and it's easy to use.... pretty easy to clean... and has all kinds of different formats it can be made into. Go to the website if you want the laundry list. I tried about 4 of them.... then got stricken with a gout attack. The hitter/sneakatoke is great... but careful about how much activated charcoal you use... there is a point where it filters some thc. NOOOOOO! But that ain't the vaporizer. Which with a lil' fiddlin' and learnin' curve (way less than your first bong or pipe or even vape) it provides regal and sustained tokes. It's still in development too. Try one... and write the company... or call them.... or send vape signals. What they have is great. But these cats are so cool... that they're takin' pretty much perfect... and honin' it to frickin' orgasm.


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