Doc Martian's Lounge: The States - The Path of Least Resistance

Monday, July 30, 2007

The States - The Path of Least Resistance

Its not that this is a bad album, its just that I think these guys are capable of a lot more. Like on the any generic band album scale, i'd give this one a B. On the how well do i think The States could do given their talent? C-. If you liked their first album? Go give this a listen It'll fill that achey-breaky-soulful-lovesongwithmystery place that this one doesn't. Don't buy this one for your g/f. As far as their new political bent. Do I appear rallied? More bitchin' about the power instead of fightin' it. Not even skilled bitchin'. However, I'll give them credit, if you take all the music and totally remove it from any context and just listen to it as a musical groove, it IS fairly groovy. Enough to warrant buying it? Well, if you're compulsive. Lots of R.E.M. flashbacks. They tried to get political too, murmur? beautiful timeless and completely magnificent album. That political 2-3 albums they did back around document? well...... I spose if you grew up listening to them, you'd dig them, but i couldn't recommend them to you without a healthy recommendation that you don't bother until automatic for the people. The last time i reviewed these guys, I said, they're headed for some doldrums and poor weather. This album is a good example of that prophecy being fulfilled. It ain't a bad album, but it ain't a good one by any stretch of the imagination. Not that they don't have some good albums in there if they hang in there and ride out the standards of today as they seek timelessness. I still give them even odds of becoming a band that rides out the times and becomes classic, elo's first couple albums weren't exactly timeless either.


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