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Friday, September 07, 2007

this one just might be someone's "...and justice for all"

Le Concorde - SUITE E.P. (fourchette records)

rewarding e.p. filled with frothy roland hooks, traditional european guitar, and masterful songwriting. Stephen Becker has created one of the finer albums i've ever heard. Lots of elements from the frothy roland era of intelligent 80s songwriting with a strong emo streak, something like scritti politti and the psychedelic furs meets fallout boy meets paula abdul's zingy organ riffs from the days of forever your girl. I picture a really well-adjusted working gal fixin' her hair and rolling out the door while pumping this. sweet soul elements, dreamy love ballads, 'the bears'-like lyricism. I even had to check to make sure 'international flight' wasn't a cover from 'the bears'. Its really good. How good? So good that I can see someone considering it representative of their persona/culture at this time. that dinosaur hip/suave 90ish guy with 80sish musical loves in a setting that says nothing but 2007 bounce. Somebody could make a lot of money if they get this person into the right venue. My local adult alternative eclectia public radio station (kcrw) would eat this shit up for their morning show. Could this guy be the west coast's singer/songwriter answer to MC Solar? Quite possibly. Am I going to be listening to this album 5 years from now and wish I had gone on about the perennial warmth and grooviness that pumps outta this 6 track 18 minute e.p., i wouldn't be surprised. I was tempted to write a one-word review to this one that'd leave people intrigued but unable to classify it according to their musical tastes. here that is. sweet.


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