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Wednesday, June 23, 2004


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Mexican Santa
- 2 part(s) Egg Nog
- 1 part(s) Milk
- 1 shot(s) Tequila
- 2 dash(es) Cinnamon

Friday, June 04, 2004

some old halloween stuff for something new to look at.

one -

my baby calls me on the telephone.
but I'm not alone.

there's a dream operator on the line.

she hammers on the line hacking hacking hacking at it... screaming... let
in little piggy....

I answer back. nobody but us in here! nobody but us!

cuz I'm stucco. my hours only limited by the hours of abuse I receive...
otherwise? I'm around for a long while.

woo! huh.

if I tell you the ending. promise not to get scared?

in the end. my baby comes over... and we hang up the phone.


two - maximum overdrive.

except it's not the truck that's alive.

it's the cats. and the people they claw in the skull.... piercing the
brainstem.... destroying the lower cortex and channeling nerve impulse
their claws. angeleyed people eating crap on the lawn. cat in control.


three - serious.

my child. has shown a proclivity for wielding a machete. kid's fucking 4.



ever seen a knife in flight? ever seen it land in the middle of a
a stout piece of wood... pierced like butter.

ever seen a dog drooling for it's fate to acquit it of a noble life.

ever lived nobly while waiting for one thing. a solid fortune for mad

harvey has.

he's drunk and coercive.
getting chicks drunk at the local bar.

today? he's watching the sports.

tomorrow? he's loaded at a friends.

and he's right here in palm desert. wait and see. he'll scare the pants


five - good dreams

she walked on the side of the road that the mad scientist had carried in
council meetings. wondering... why a horticulturalist would term
a mad scientist.


six - the hook
I always thought it'd be something like 'captain rogers'
or 'mercenary leader jimbo'
it wasn't tho.
fucking kids.
dna takes a lil bit of flesh to clone.
so I wait.
and I watch.
and every once in awhile...
a chick.
with perfect boobs...
and gorgeous eyes...
and a slim but perky butt...
would be grappling with some gorilla in the car...
and I know she'd want out of there....

I'd put on my hook.
won it in a poker game.... made by tom savini...
some draft dodger friend of his had dinner with him in montreal...
they got drunk...
400 bucks passed between them...
and it was down to the amputee that they sent back to fight more (he
to offer up his hook....
the dice were mine.... so the guy figured they were lucky...
he gave me the hook...
I had scored with this lil cocktail bunny down at the bar...

the conference on cloning ended...
I went home...
and made a vat.
it works...
cloned a skunk....
a mink...
and a fat panther....
no defects.... at least not to eye... and it's been seven years....

I'd keep my eyes on the couples...
they'd usually have fun...
but then some gorilla would get rough...
and I'd show up...

with my hook.
and the girl would scream cuz she knew it would get the guy off her....
and the guy would drive off all scared....
but sometimes? I'd get a swatch of flesh.... but never enough biomatter to
clone from...
so... I considered mixing genes.... but then I thought.... ok...
gotta give...

some gorilla...
I swooped...
she screamed...
my hook got caught in the car door handle...
the chick left me like seven hairs.
a year and a half...
and britney will be my lovetoy forever!

7: return of the hook's evil stepchild

call me stepchild.

no more beer.

that's ok. there's two kegs outside... but they aren't fucking cold.

always hurts in the morning.

usually hurts all day now too.

I'm 15.
but I look 23... in dog years....

I'm pretty tore up.... mom was too....


or is that sodder voice.

dad cloned britney.
the real thing.

livin up in the hollywood hills.

actin' crazy he says...

I say.... creepo vigilante.

yup. mom was britney.

or a clone thereof...

kinda tired... not long to live... maybe 7 years if I put myself into a
support system...

but I awake sometimes when my 'body forgets to breathe'

it scares me.

it's not how mom died...

but it's how she got brain damage enough to put her on swansons tv
dinners.... she had a heart attack after 3 years of that shit.

dad wasn't as smart as he thought.

we degenerate.
but not until we reach maturity...

why the animals didn't?

cuz dad was lucky I guess...

just not that lucky....

skin is nasty...
3 inch spalls as needed...

I look like the after picture.

but only for a dermatolagist.... not for a vehicular accident.

the vehicular accident?
was my clone...

I needed a kidney.... but it didn't work out.

thing twitched for awhile after I shot it full of dope to put it out of
misery.... it was 3 years old biologically.

it had been alive for 7 months.

I call it it cuz it had no sex organs... just urethraic elements.

I tested it.... chromosones missing.... but not at first.

weird. huh.

and now? I'm sitting here with the shotgun in my study.... wondering if
fundamentalists are going to show up. they got wind of my cloning....
probably gov't fools picking up vibrations off my windows. fuck if I know.

I figure a week or so and I'll be dead. halloween's going to be fun tho.

my kidneys both quit. and I know dialysis is too much of a long road being
hooked up to tubes... I'm gunna just let my body fail.... I got some
morphine from a sympathetic marine captain with some afghan ties.... I
officially don't exist... so fuck hospitals. Mom was a clone. Life sucks.
Happy Halloween.

oh yeh...
I killed him cuz he was going to dope me up for dead after mom died.