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Thursday, April 27, 2006

fun with nitwits.

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Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 12:43 AM
Subject: what the iraq war means to a republic.
> Krulag: i'm sure that stuff is classified. congress had access to it. most> of them voted for war. we as members of a republic have to respect that our> representatives have the ability to discern truth from fiction, we ALSO have> to accept that as humans, sometimes they DO make mistakes. accept for> bruised egos and sour grapes there are no signs that bush attempted to> mislead the american people.... the moment there is... he stands a good> chance of being impeached. until then? pblblblblblblbllltt!> >
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Subject: Re: what the iraq war means to a republic.
> Well the problem with Bush is he is using the Reagan defense which> states that the leader of the United States is, unlike the rest of the> nations executives in business and private life, not liable for any> errors he makes because he is so stupid he could not have known better.> > It has been well established that information reducing the confidence> of Bush's assertions were well known to the White House and that if> Bush wanted to get a fuller picture and hear some doubts both on the> WMD claims and the length of the war effort he could have done so with> a few phone calls. But he only seems to have heard what he wanted to.> If that was because he was only told what he wanted to be told, he> heard different points and agreed with what he wanted to agree with, or> he was told the truth and ignored it we will never known.> > You see there is a good chance Bush will be impeached, and it will be> for Iraq, but the articles of impeachment will not concern Iraq. Since> so little was precisely known about Iraq at the time it is impossible> to prove that the President was not convinced that what he said was> true. The fact that experts around the world doubted his claims does> not establish a case that he lied. Its rather hard to establish such a> case when the evidence is so hidden. Anyways lying to the public is> not a crime, one would have to find evidence that he must have known A> with certainty and then told a court of law that he did not know A or A> was false, the kind of knowledge that did not exist in pre-war Iraq.> > But he still could be impeached for something else. He has done enough> stuff to get articles together and the GOP under Clinton set the> standard for impeachment so low a Democratic House would have no> problem creating them. Remember that one of the articles of> impeachment against Clinton was difference between him and Monica on if> she had ever cum with him or not (go look it up) another concerned the> date they were both introduced. Certainly domestic spying, torture,> neglect to perform duties and various other factors, along with ties to> DeLay and the developing scandal, will allow Congress to form some good> articles, and a nation sick of a weak economy (the fact the stock> market has taken 6 years to simply recover is seen as some kind of> great news in the GOP), high energy bills, failure in Iraq, survival of> Al Qaeda, collapse of new governments in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran> ability to make nuclear weapons, North Korea making nuclear weapons,> the Home Land Security diaster, the terrible response to Katrina, the> massive corruption problems, the failure to remove Rumsfield , and I> would add in the case of Rice and Myers the appointment of unqualified> people to the highest post because of personal friendship, have all> gone to poison the climate enough the public may back his impeachment> as it revolted against the impeachment of Clinton.> > And what do the democrats have to lose? They saw how the GOP gained> power after a failed impeachement of Clinton, perhaps this is the new> way to unite your base. I would go as far as to say that a democratic> House must impeach Bush to establish a baseline that both parties can> later reject. It would be wrong to have the GOP use this feature to> gain power and then when it's President had failed so utterly to be off> the hook.> > Summing up Bush sucks so bad that it would be possible to impeach him> and have public support. Will he be removed? No, probably not. But> he has become so unpopular the political gain for the Democrats would> be great.>

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Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 7:33 AM
Subject: Re: what the iraq war means to a republic.
> then, the rest of the american government is just as stupid. with the> exception of our estimable court system. congress, the military, and> american journalists all believed given existing intelligence that saddam> had wmd's. as did our first-line intelligence sources israel and the united> kingdom.> > all your mindless yada yada yada does is echo the sentiments of the> post-iraq anti-war contigent, that we should have known better; as you> recall, saddam's scientific community were stalling hans blix at each> weapons inspection stop for 2-3 hours. enough time to squirrel away weapons> caches. we went with best possible intelligence. had saddam's sites been> more open, had we had better intelligence, had congress appointed cindy> sheehan to use her meditiational psychic aura to SEE THROUGH SADDAM'S> WEAPONS SITES WALLS TO THE PEACE-LOVE RAINBOW GATHERING THAT WAS GOING ON> INSIDE. then perhaps the need for the war would have been obviated. it> wasn't. where were you then? maybe you could have yakked your into saddam's> weapons sites. maybe you could have spurred hans blix's guys into faster> entrance to get away from your dumb ass. If only Bill Clinton had been> president; he'd have known what to do. Have sex with one of his interns.> That could have stopped the war! Abuse of public trust (by having sex with> your employees.), not war! That could be the cry for a whole new generation.> > Bush Sucks? who are you? al gore? that's been the dems rallying cry since> november 2000. Bush Sucks! He's Mean! We hate you! go away! let us smoke pot> and have sex with interns and pardon tax defrauders again. Well, you'll have> your chance again someday. That is the way of things. First the just people> with ethics have their day in the sun, then the idiots bask on the rocks.> The rocks are getting warm.> > Cheers!> Doc

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Like when IRS Records Ruled the world, only better.

Love, Loss and Lunacy - Mary Lee's Corvette

This is one of the greatest albums I've ever heard. Jumpin' in with a jangly rockin' beauty 'all that glitters is not gold'. boy is she sweet, like an angel dancin' in your ears... I'm proud to have just heard this young lady play her stuff.

I don't know if I've ever put such a high hurdle in front of a performer though.... I don't know what I wanted to have her do... surpass tom petty or something... she does. Hip, sweet, and rooted in folk gal mannerisms that sing out of her like curlicues sang out of lefty frizzell.

I opened the promo package, and thought... hmmm.... lesbian seagull music.... welp... i love joni mitchell to death so i'll give it a listen without the bias you'd expect from a crusty ass hardcore punk blues guy like myself. a tight band was the first thought on popping it in... musically literate in all that 60s 70s 80s stuff that i loved but kind of tended to not want to explore as a performance skill. horns ala sgt. pepper, jangly rem guitars, steel slide awesomeness, tight crispy drumming, and solid unfathomable bass that drives, not hogs the limelight.

She's out on the porch, her tunes get hashed over in herself a dozen times before they pop out of her like the ultimate yummy toaster strudel. This woman is smart in ways i'll never be... she shows signs of the total assimilation in the world with love that I know and sometimes return to but boy i wouldn't want to live there. She sings like I dance on the keyboard.... its her forte... her heart... and i can picture her out of place with love singing in mean streets in new york city... echoing like a nightingale off of brick facades and rigid steel construction.

Have I listened to this one to death? FUCK NO! This is a treasure... a gem that does not uncover all its facets by sitting there like gollum gazing into it goin' myyyyy precsssshious.... it's like that car you got when you were a kid that all of a sudden you realize yer goin' 110... or you're leaning up against with some buds and a nice curvy corner of it catches your eye and glints just right with a smile at you. You know that you could take it out to a test track and zoom it around a bunch.... but that'd bury the magic beneath performance tests. Keep this one, put it in the same place you have Van Morrison's - Astral Weeks, Junior Walker and Buddy Guy's - Hoodoo Man Blues, Dr. John's Gris-Gris or your favorite Minor Threat album. Its a keeper, and if you get it you'll still be uncovering nuances 30 years from now. I hope she makes the big time.

Friday, April 07, 2006

muh new gitar.