Doc Martian's Lounge: March 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007

the sirens - more is more

LASH ME TO THE MAST! The Sirens are back. More is More owns. In spite of my all time favorite all-girl fantasy dress-up rock band taking on a couple of sailors that washed up on the rocks. They look a lil' banged up too. Probably sucked getting there. Welp, they're there now, and they look like Dr. Strange villains or something, so do the rest of the Sirens in their new promo pic. The new guys sound like Dr. Strange villains too. Miggy Starcrunch and Malarsh! May the Vapors of Valtarr protect me from the wickedness they emanate. Also a new girl, Miss Lela although Miss Shelly plays a couple tracks on this album. Great album. Perfect to take to the lake some night and listen to in the back of the truck. Especially the cover of the Bay City Rollers "Saturday Night", When i get that truck i'm gunna pick up muffy and take her to lake st. clair for a fling. Muffy Kroha, baddest good girl in rock. She took Nina Hagen's throne and holds it with aplomb and 18 inch platforms. I worry about Muffy sometimes. I mean jeez, she's in pink central doing art direction the Detroit neiman-marcus and at night? the skin at the back of her designer duds splits and out comes muffy kroha, howlin' werewoman night rocker fitted tight in gold lame and boots fatter than your ass. I love her. Her taste in music. Her ability to destroy songs from even the greatest 70s glamorama monsters, bowie, slade, sweet, hollywood brats, among others. The first album? inside i was like, hmmm, i wonder if they ever are gunna stop doing covers and write some of their own material. But then? I started thinking about it, and realized, the great american songbook didn't end when harold arlen died. I mean jeez, what does burt bacharach got that the mc5 doesn't. An office that smells like chanel no. 5 instead of marijuana? Pretty darn much. The pot was the dividing line, even though folks like gershwin smoked the occasional doobie, arlen and bacharach didn't. So when the kids came up with the spliff hangin' off their lip. The great american songbook was closed to them. Welp, I'm here to tell you. It ain't the case. These days, more kids know Britney's "hit me baby' than know "ding, dong the witch is dead', and before britney, there were 30 years of rock and roll that got passed over by the folks that were defining america's standards with a deathgrip on their royalty checks. I'm here to tell yah that muffy and the sirens are doing the world a great service. paying royalties to folks that got passed over by ANOTHER new generation of singer/songwriters who were just as hit and miss at the hits as anyone else. Muffy. I salute you, in more ways than one. Great album, keep 'm comin'.