Doc Martian's Lounge: November 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

JJ Cale outta cigarettes with 100 miles to go to the next truck stop.

A Quiet Evil - Lee Harvey Osmond
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There's a lot of music in Canada that sounds like this. The last frontier with ruggedly dressed outlaws (toke) building a world with less ready resources than us Americans. It sounds mighty good to my unjaded ears though. A lot like JJ Cale, a little like Cowboy Junkies too (who have teamed up with Tom Wilson and members of the Skydiggers) on this album. Its not a horrible out-of-control beautiful train wreck album like Tom Waits at his best; its not a sultry afternoon in the blues with a warm guitar hugged close album; its not a be-boppin' Rickie Lee Jones outting with scat and soul leakin' out of it, its not a sing-along Velvet Underground know all the lyrics heard all the covers album either. It does owe a little bit to all of those, mebbe a little bit of Springsteen too.

I dig it. Still, I was sitting there in my mancave listenin' to it. Thinkin', hmmm, kinda restless, kinda ummm... hmmm... cook something... hmm... no.... lay back and snooze to it mebbe.... no... that's not it.....

Then, I roadtested it... and there it was. Long focused concentrate on the highway music because you've got dozens of miles to cover and you're fuckin' outta cigarettes. If any of that sounds good to you, pick it up, its a good one.