Doc Martian's Lounge: April 2007

Sunday, April 08, 2007

the weirdness - the stooges

krog like this album, but it give him headache. music rock. band good. iggy take too much smart drugs in 90's. krog hate gingko biloba, it make iggy too smart. now instead of singing about t.v. eye and how it be watching you, iggy sing about end of christianity. it make krog think hard. krog nearly hit kid on bike krog thinking so hard. now. me not hate album. me not hate iggy. me not hate band. even with funny looking new guy. but krog not want to cruise while thinking 'what iggy mean by that.' good songs. free & freaky in the u.s.a.. krog live where lots of cops show up if you get free OR freaky. good anthem though. almost as cool as six-pack. beni-hana-talibana-groovarama. iggy now like smart jim morrison. go iggy go. krog even see iggy and the stooges at their first show in thirty years. then it wasn't iggy that make krog's head hurt, it too much hippiesmoke and hot sun, krog's head hurt bad but still know crack kills. this still fun album. mexican guy stomp song with groove, krog have girl run off with guy with cooler car too. i'm fried i'm fried i'm fried. dat iggy krog know. me no want think. me listen to henry rollins talk if me want think. me still buy this album. it rock hard. try not think. remember krog, krog nearly hit kid on bike he think so hard to this album. me go listen to black flag now. they only make krog head hurt little bit.